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Fall Season

In Southern California, the fall season is the core (primary) AYSO season. Each region conducts its own fall league for players in the age divisions of U12 and younger. Larger regions will also have their own league for the U14 age group, while some regions will combine to form a league administered by Area 11-Q. Teams are formed by the regions in a variety of blind draft techniques designed to balance the teams. If you would like to join one of these teams please visit the website for the region representing your city and complete their registration process. Area 11-Q regions are listed on the Area Q Regions page.

The Fall season begins the Saturday after Labor Day in September and continues through November or December. Most regions form teams in August, but conduct registration from March through June (please check with your region for your region's registration dates - they vary widely and registration after the alloted dates may or may not be available).

Please visit the fall calendar page for more details on dates and events for those divisions playing at the area level. For regions and age brackets not listed below, the appropriate calendars, schedules and other information will be on your region's web site or communicated through your team.

Game Schedules & Standings

The Fall season is not currently in progress.

Competition Rules

Please review the posted rules of play each season. The competition format may change each year as the competition directors change, different areas manage a multi-area league, or other factors.
Coaches and their teams are responsible for knowing and abiding by all rules of play.

Fall league rules for divisions under-14 and below are managed by each region under the guidelines set forth by the AYSO National Policies, AYSO National Rules and Regulations and FIFA Laws of the game. Please check with your region for their rules. Area 11-Q regions are listed on the Area Q Regions page.

The Fall league champions tournament guidelines are included in the Area Q Guidelines. Specific rules for each year may be posted that take precedence over the Area Q Guidelines.

Coaches, please verify your certifications and eligability to coach using the AYSO Area 11-Q Coach Training Requirements table on the coach training page.

For information about U16/U19, and the Extra (formerly Plus) program please visit their respective pages.

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